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From The Beginning

I learned from early age that people matter. My grandfather, Pop Charlie, owned a small grocery store, his customers were his friends. They never just came for the necessities, they came for the friendship too. Down the sidewalk, Bill and Helen owned an early version of Target (they had a little of EVERYTHING), but they also had a rocking chair, in front of their furnace, a place to sit & visit.

 My uncle in the next town owned a jewelry store. That’s where my love of all things jewelry was born, but he always had time for his customer’s stories too (and a good joke). Pop, Uncle Johnny, Bill and Helen… they all had a special way of letting people know they mattered, by listening to their stories, even a little girl named Sharla, who loved nothing more than to spend time with them.

It was in college though, when my mom added a long strand of champagne pearls and a pair of gorgeous earrings, to my new, salmon colored dress, that I learned the unexpected power of jewelry to create a mood, to inspire confidence, to make me feel beautiful and elegant, in my own story. I never imagined that I would one day create jewelry that would do that for someone else.

And that’s what I want for my customers… My passion is to design jewelry that speaks to your heart and expresses you -  beautiful, unique, special YOU. Every element of my designs are created with a desire that you feel beautiful in your story.