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Meet Sharla

Jewelry is often a matter of the heart… a piece reaches out to us and seems to compel us to take it home… but often it’s not just the piece that calls to us, it’s the maker too. I love wearing something that has the heart and soul of another expressed in it. So who am I?

First, I am a daughter of the KING (That's what the Bible tells me and I love hanging out on that truth!) My faith is central to everything I do, but it's a about a relationship, not a set of rules! Jesus said to love God and love others… see? Definitely relationship!! 

I am also WIFE to my most amazing husband for 33 years! I am MOM to 4 fantastic children and a mother-in-law to a very special daughter-in-love and LaLi to our first adorable grandson! None of us are perfect, we mess up and hurt each other sometimes, but that’s part of being in relationship… we never give up on each other and grace is always available.

And that same driving passion flows into my business… Yes, I love designing and making jewelry, but at the heart of all I do is relationship… my relationship with the people of Swaziland (now named Eswatini) and my relationship with all of the people I meet along the way of this amazing journey. 

It is the stories of our lives that inspire me… words, in my stamped pieces, that call us to be who we were created to be or encourage us to persevere… places we’ve visited… themes in nature that whisper to our hearts… colors and textures that remind us of the beauty all around us. 

My greatest hope is that you will find pieces in my collections that inspire you and connect with your story… that make you feel beautiful in your story. If you do, I would love for you to send me a picture and tell me your story.