Pewter Pendants

Soldered Crystal Pendant Interchangeable

Interchangeable… a splash of elegance… turn any necklace into something special. This clear, soldered crystal, finished with a brass ring and hung from a loop with pave crystals, looks great on a bronze chain, hand knotted crystals or pearls… the possibilities are endless. This listing if for the soldered crystal […]

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Fly! Cast Pewter Hummingbird on a Long Chain

Sometimes we need to be reminded to spread our wings, take the leap and fly! A few years ago, my husband gave me a framed quote that stays in my workroom… “What if I fall? But Oh My Darling… what if you fly?” (Yep, he’s a keeper!) Fear, insecurity, discouragement… […]

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Cast Pewter Hummingbird on Long Chain

There is something so beautiful, free and joyful about a hummingbird… the flutter of its wings, the way they flit through the air, their gorgeous colors… hummingbirds are captivating and bring a smile. Wear this pendant with all of your favorite outfits, layer it with other necklaces for a completely […]

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Cast Pewter Tree Pendant on Long Chain

Trees… Beauty, power, strength, majesty, peace… The process to create this unique tree pendant, was an adventure. It started as a wood stamp from India, was cast in sand, then a permanent mold was made. Each tree is cast by Sharla, sanded, oxidized, tumbled for hours and then buffed to […]

June 6, 2018

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