If there’s one thing that life has taught me, it’s that our stories are always changing, growing, progressing… When I started making jewelry, in 2010, I just wanted to earn enough to buy a plane ticket to go back to Africa. I had been to Swaziland 4 times and I knew I had to keep going back. On every trip, someone that we met, had said to our team, “I have hope because you came.” We weren’t changing the world, or solving the problem of poverty and suffering, but if just by showing up, we could provide a little hope, I was all in!

So I got permission from my friend to make crosses like she made, her mother taught me how and I was off. But the colors of the beads were mesmerizing and crosses expanded to necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and that led to a journey into metal work… selling to friends became home shows, art festivals and then a website…. My little jewelry business seemed to take on a life of its own.

Entrepreneurship, jewelry, fashion and even selling, seemed to run through my DNA… my grandfather, Pop Charlie, owned a grocery store and he LOVED people, his customers easily became his friends. My uncle owned a jewelry story and he was a gifted jeweler, and like my Pop, his customers became his friends. They always had time to listen, to ask after the family, and to share a laugh. 

In college, my mother, a nurse with an amazing eye for fashion, added a strand of champagne pearls and a pair of gorgeous earrings to a salmon colored dress and in a moment, I learned the unexpected power of jewelry to create a mood, to inspire confidence, to make me feel beautiful and elegant in my own story. I was hooked!

As my own story has progressed, my drive to get back to Swaziland, has grown into a passion to design jewelry that makes you feel beautiful, put together, special, in your story.

I’ve met so many of you along the way and you ARE special. Your life is a message to others that they matter… One smile, one encouraging word, one act of kindness at a time.

But I also know something about us women… when we feel good about how we look, we get a little boost of confidence and that helps us to be who we were created to be. I can’t be there to help you have a good hair day or pick out your clothes, but I can design jewelry that is easy to wear, beautiful and timeless yet stylish. I can help you transform something simple into something special. Like I learned years ago, jewelry really does have a quiet, unexpected power. 

Every element of my designs, like cast pewter pendants, colors, textures and carefully considered message pieces, are created with a desire that you experience that unexpected power.  

And in doing that, it allows me to give back to the land that made me long for a plane ticket back. I started my business with the dream of going to Africa, I’ve been 9 times now, but as my business grows, my dream grows too. 10% of profits go to Heart For Africa. In addition, a monthly donation is made to help support a beautiful little girl named Princess and a young man in Honduras that has grabbed our hearts. And, we go… to Swaziland and to Honduras… because for a moment, on a garbage dump, at a broken down home, in a children’s home, we get the immeasurable privilege of stepping into someone’s story and reminding them that they matter, that their story matters… we get to be a breath of hope.

So come into my little “web” boutique, or my tent at an art festival, my own versions of my uncle’s jewelry store, and find a piece (or two) that was designed for the beauty of you!